5th International
Partners in Flight Conference and Conservation Workshop

Advancing Bird Conservation Across the Americas
August 25 – August 28, 2013
Snowbird, Utah
Poster Abstracts
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1. Partners in Flight as a Catalyst for Ecosystem Conservation
2. A Conservation Strategy for Stabilizing and Restoring Declining Golden-winged Warbler Populations
3. The Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Conservation Business Strategy: A Call to Action
4. Landscape-based Population Viability Models Demonstrate Importance of Strategic Conservation Planning for Birds
5. CANCELLED; NOT ATTENDING - Conservation Planning for Long-distance Migrants (Parulidae) Under Climate Change
6. Assessment of the Vulnerability of Great Basin Landbirds to Climate Change
7. The AMJV Web-Mapping Tool: A Geospatially-Enabled Web Environment for Conservation Planning
8. NABCI WatchList: Update and Development
1. Birdwatching: A Salve for the Treatment of “Nature-Deficit Disorder”?
2. Connecting Kids Through Birds: BirdSleuth Education Goes Global
3. The Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership: A Coordination Point for Bird Conservation in Idaho
4. The Palomarin Field Station’s Intern Training Program: Training for Effective Conservation
5. Why Conservation Needs Social Science: The Case of Early Successional Forest Habitat
6. Griffin Groups: A Free Online Tool for Building a Community of Conservation Communities
7. Connecting Conservation: A New Science-based Nonproft Corporation Dedicated to Defining and Stitching Together Conservation Activities
8. Changing Attitudes and Behaviors for the Conservation of Migratory Birds in Nicaragua
9. Communicating Conservation Information to Change People’s Behavior: The Need to Understand Neural Processing and the Effects of Nature
10. Una Iniciativa de Proyección Ambiental en un Bosque Nublado Hondureño: Reclutando Embajadores Locales de la Avifauna del Parque Nacional Cusuco, Honduras
(Outreach Program Initiative in a Honduran Cloud Forest: Recruiting Community-based Ambassadors of the Avifauna of Cusuco National Park, Honduras)
11. Code Redstart 1300
1. Strategic Action Planning and Full Life-Cycle Modeling for the Recovery of Loggerhead Shrike in Eastern Canada: The Need for International Collaboration
2. Field Validation of Modeled Nonbreeding Distribution of the Cerulean Warbler in the Andes
3. Full Life-Cycle Conservation Where it Matters Most: Bicknell's Thrush and Hispaniola
4. Achieving a Measurable Conservation Impact for High Priority Species
5. Using Stable Isotopes to Establish Migratory Connections: Testing Climate Signals in Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) Declines
6. The Southern Wings Program: A Partnership of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies
7. The Migratory Connectivity Project: Advancing the Conservation and Understanding of Animals Throughout Their Full Life Cycle by Promoting the Science of Migratory Connectivity
8. Mining a Hidden Treasure: Using Encounter Data From the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory to Describe Migratory Connectivity of the Birds of North America
9. Winter Habitat Use and Requirements of a Declining Neotropical Migrant: Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera)
10. The Distribution and Territoriality of Yellow Warblers (Setophaga petechia) in Natural and Agricultural Habitats in Jalisco, Mexico
1. Trabajos Comunales: Herramienta amigable para la Conservación de las Aves y sus Hábitats
(Community Works: A Well-Received Tool for the Conservation of Birds and Habitats)
2. Restoring Natural Communities to Meet the Population Goals and Habitat Objectives of Priority Species in the Central Hardwoods Bird Conservation Region
3. Use of LiDAR Data to Facilitate Conservation of Habitat for Oak-Associated Birds
4. Conserving the Threatened Marbled Murrelet
5. Promoting Market-based Solutions for Forest Conservation in Parque Nacional Pico Pijol, Honduras
6. Tree-planting and Forest Restoration Efforts by American Bird Conservancy and Partners Across Latin America
7. Wings Over Western Waters
1. CANCELLED; NOT ATTENDING - Highly Migratory Species Working Group: Who We Are and What We Are Doing
2. Window Related Avian Mortality at a Migration Corridor
3. Avian Responses to Landscape Stressors in Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
4. CANCELLED; NOT ATTENDIING - An Apalachicola Bay Barrier Island in Northern Florida: A “Fire Escape” for Birds During Spring Migration
5. Novel Statistical Methods for Integrating Genetic and Stable Isotopic Data to Infer Individual-level Migratory Connectivity
6. Population Size and Stopover Duration of Red Knots at the Altamaha River Delta, Georgia in 2011
1. Improving North American Raptor Conservation by Connecting Migration Count Trends to Wintering and Breeding Areas: The American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) — A Case Study
2. Long-term Monitoring of Forest Breeding Birds of the Western Great Lakes Region: What Have we Learned?
3. Population Dynamics of the American White Pelican Colony on, Gunnison Island, Utah
4. Raptor Migration Monitoring in Western Cuba: First Season Results
5. Citizen Science in Mexico: Filling the Gap on Information Needs
6. Interactive Year-Round Distribution Models for Birds of the United States: A New Data Tool for Conservation Planning
7. Monitoreo de Sobrevivencia Invernal (MoSI): Winter Population Dynamics and Conservation Implications for Migratory Landbirds
8. Building a Regionally Coordinated Assessment Framework for the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture
9. Time to Review Protocols Being Developed for Trend and Effectiveness Monitoring of Hummingbirds
10. Addressing Swallow Declines in the Northeast
1. Brood Parasitism of the Endangered Black-capped Vireo: Risks, Responses, and Implications for Conservation and Management
2. Temporal Variation in the Demography of Riparian Songbirds in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia
3. Effects of Acid Deposition on High Elevation Birds in the Southern Appalachians
4. Structure and Composition of Florida's Mangrove Breeding Avifauna
5. Breeding Season Abundance and Habitat use of Painted Buntings in Florida
6. Cats Indoors: Minimizing the Impact of a Pervasive Non-native Predator
7. Nest Site Selection by Shrubland Birds in Conservation-managed Fields in Western Connecticut
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